Organizational Structure

Africa Network is an officially approved 501c(3) non-profit organization, and is registered as a nonprofit educational institution in the State of New York. The first national conference of Africa Network was held on October 22-24, 2004 on the campus of Hofstra University. The founding Chairman of the Board of Directors, and now Emeritus Chair, is Thomas L. Benson, the President Emeritus of Green Mountain College and the Executive Director of the World Education Corps.

The operating expenses of Africa Network are supported primarily by income from grants and membership fees.  Additional revenue comes from individual donors and corporate giving programs. Membership in the organization is of two kinds: (1) Institutional, and (2) Individual. Voting and governance are based on institutional membership. All independent liberal arts colleges are eligible for membership in Africa Network. Each year, institutional members designate an official representative to serve as the campus liaison and their voting representative at the Network’s annual business meeting. Individual members, ordinarily persons who are interested in the mission and projects of the Network, but not employees of member liberal arts institutions, may attend the meetings of the organization and participate in most of its programs.